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R4 is a standalone OpenGL accelerated program (created by Gordon Williams of RabidHaMsTeR.Org) which aims to produce animated 3D graphics in real-time that twist and turn with the music. The WinAmp-based precursor to R4 (R2/Extreme) is now used in many nightclubs, at parties, and has been used at many massive events such as Glastonbury (by Psyrcus Wyrd), and the Ministry of Sound New Years event (at the Millennium Dome in London).
The R-series plugins have had around 2 million downloads from the WinAmp Music player website alone. R4, the 5th generation, offers a vast array of features to allow it to be 'branded' with company logos, pictures, and 3-dimensional objects. It is designed to allow far greater customization and combination of scenes, and is even able to incorporate live video feeds. It contains a high speed scripting engine to allow a huge variety of scenes, and also has a built-in web server that allows you to control the visuals it produces from any other network-connected computer - even a wireless PDA - without disrupting the visuals.

We offer a service to create fully custom scenes, as well as self-contained, rugged boxes that will plug in to a music source and provide visuals without configuration. If you want Spectacular Visuals for your Venue, Event or Band, we can provide a state of the art, realtime solution to suit your exact needs. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.
We have produced customized visuals for clients such as the BBC, Gainward graphics, and the Beach nightclub in Miami.

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