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Before you Download you should agree to the following:
  • The creators of R4 are not responsible for anything, Including Loss of information or damage to your Computer, or you.
  • You do not have any condition that may make you vulnerable to flashing lights or quickly moving imagery.
  • The software, and all Graphics created by it, including custom scenes by other people, are owned by the creator of R4. However, the Custom Scene (.r4) files created by a person are their own property, as are custom DLL files.
  • You will not attempt to reverse-engineer R4, or any of the software supplied with it. You are however able, and encouraged, to reverse-engineer custom scenes in the 'predefine' directory.
  • You will not use this version of R4 at any event that makes money, or that you make money from. If you are interested in doing so, contact me or register it.
  • You realise that like virtually all software, R4 may (will) contain bugs that in very severe circumstances will cause it to crash, and we are not responsible if you rely on it and something goes wrong.

NOTE: - The R4 Executable (not plugin) does NOT use WinAmp. It requires you to set your soundcard to record from either wave or record master (or line-in if you are working from external sound). That can be done via the sound icon in the bottom-right. If You have another application running that is trying to record sound, R4 will probably produce an error and not run properly. You should install R4 into ITS OWN directory - Not the WinAmp one.


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