MIDI doesn't work!?

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MIDI doesn't work!?

Postby smirgle » Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:15 am

I have a little problem with R4 remoter, hope i'm right with that in this corner here....

when i try to assign any midi key from my keyboard to any function in r4 remoter, remoter does recognize my setting in the first column. but there's no reaction at all, when i press the assigned key on the keyboard...
also it is not possible, to set up any further keys, without remoter stops responding.

I use an Edirol PCR-1 USB Midikeyboard, tryed both, original Edirol- and Generic Mididrivers..... both don`t work :(

am i doing sth wrong, or is there anything i didn't figure out yet?

hope someone can help,
and sorry, for my perhaps strange english, its rather difficult for me, explaining such things in english.


edit: i'm running tinyXP Beast Edition, in case this information matters.....
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