Sound Setup in Windows 7

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Sound Setup in Windows 7

Postby kater » Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:21 pm

Hi there,
I have a new laptop with Windows 7 and i just installed all the standard programs like foobar2000, R4, but i noticed something weird, that never happend with Win XP.

R4 gets its signal (sound) from the microphone array, which is pretty weird and i have no idea how to set up the main mixer of the soundcard (you know, every sound that is audible at the moment, regardless of where it's coming from. Foobar2000, Youtube (Browser), other applications..) as the input signal of R4.

I'm lost. :( Why did microsoft fuck up the old windows sound control that bad?
I hope someone is able to help me fast, because there's a party coming up soon and i would like to use R4 as eyecandy.

Cheers 8)
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Re: Sound Setup in Windows 7

Postby Xeracy » Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:20 pm

This is due to Micro$oft's DRM policy. It was 'too easy' to use the stereo mix input to record © works. Install widows xp for a dedicated work machine, as it will be more stable and suite your needs. You could also partition your harddrive and dual boot 7/xp. The only software workaround i've heard of requires it to be a function of your soundcard drivers. that typically only applies to 3rd party cards, and not the onboard sound most laptops/mobos have.

Now there's a hardware workaround for this that involves a sound mixer. In my bedroom, I have a desktop pc, a tv/xbox, ipod, etc. I run all these devices into a 10channel mixing board and then take the headphone out and send it into my desktop microphone jack. I use the headphones volume control on the board to control the levels going into the computer, and let r4 use that signal by setting windows 7's microphone to the jack (as opposed to line-in, etc).

Good Luck.
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