some questions about live operating R4

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some questions about live operating R4

Postby smirgle » Sat Sep 22, 2007 12:52 pm

hi guys,
until now i found this forum really usefull in getting advice, how to use that great programm, but what i didnt find yet, are some things about live operating R4:

1. when i choose a new scene to be played, in the webinterface, R4 chooses a random fade to this scene. when i select a specific fade, a random scene is chossen by R4. is there a way, to choose a specific fade to a specific scene?

2. is there a way, to save a sequence of some specific scenes with specific fades inbetween, to be played automatically.

3. even great would be the ability to set the fade duration during a live performance, without restarting. is this possible?

i'm nearly shure, R4 can handle this, as i read about it until now, but can anyone tell me how to do all these things?
a real sequencer is one of the things, i miss most.....

greetz, dave

edit: okay, i should better open my eyes.... found the r4 remoter now, think theres nothing more i need ;)
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